Making Site Changes please bear with me Home of 32+ Growing Domes , 2 New Domes coming soon! 2011   Greenhouse allows you to grow fresh vegetables, flowers and herbs year round. It's the most energy-efficient, hobby greenhouse kit available today. The Growing Dome Greenhouse kit is a significant improvement in solar greenhouse design. The Growing Dome is able to provide a year round growing environment with little or no extra heating or cooling. You can enjoy your indoor garden in a beautiful nurturing protected space throughout the changing seasons, in your own Growing Dome. Much more than a greenhouse; it's a way of life. Joyfull Journey 42’ Growingdomes of Crestone Tell 'em Pamela and Rodney sent you! or e-mail us Made with Xara Web Designer Purchase any size Growingspaces Geodesic Greenhouse from Pamela and Rodney and get th elocal help you need Supervisor Only, Supervisor +1 (the Best Deal) or Full Crew Installations (Spritual Groups, Retreat centers contact me for even better deals) Size & Price / Instalation Options & Prices / Shipping Charges Contact Rodney by E-mail or call 719-256-4323